OPENING FRIDAY JUNE 29th, 19.00 h.



WORKSHOP SATURDAY JUNE 30th, 12.00-19.00 h.

The colours of Tierrafino, producer of clay-earthen plasters and paints, find their origin in Carl Giskes’ long travels around the world, which he undertook in his early years.
The title “IQUITOS GREEN” of the exhibition of paintings by Peruvian artist ANTONIO BARRERA BANDA is derived from the GREEN of the Amazon Jungle and IQUITOS, Peru, where Antonio lives and works as both artist and healer. People come to him from all over the world!
For Tierrafino this visit of Antonio is very special indeed because he is a healing artist, something we believe to be of great importance in the function of art. Antonio has come to us via our long-term relationship with Zdenek Ruprecht from Brno/Czech Republic and we’re looking forward to his presence and work in our community.We feel Antonio brings a great gift: To allow people to live in connection with the earth. And that is also what our Tierrafino healthy and beautiful clay-earthen products do help facilitate.
By interlacing art and business, Tierrafino aims to create an environment where there is room to enjoy and share, to exchange ideas, and experiences. We have always brought people together from different disciplines and all corners of the world, by supplying the most beautiful and healthy clay-products and expressing our awareness to pressing causes around the world.
Iquitos Green, this exhibition by Antonio, is a perfect example. By bringing together art, economy and people we want to live our vision that joining sustainability, health and beauty is truly an opportunity - through creative thinking and doing.
We warmly welcome Antonio Barrera Banda with his exhibition IQUITOS GREEN in the Tierrafino community - to which he will bring true joy, ancestralwisdom and healing.